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Shreshta Interiors provides Modular kitchens, TV units, Crockery units, wardrobes, wall papers and storage cabinets, False ceiling, painting, flooring, electrical fixtures and plumbing fixtures, Mosquito mesh fixing for windows, Safety grills fixing for windows and Providing of AC wiring, Choose a products and services of your choice and leave the rest to us!

At Shreshta Interiors, we believe in specializing in designing environments that satisfy your needs by understanding your space’s current and future needs. The Interior of space have to be practical and also aesthetically conductive to intended purposes. Eg: Interiors can be used to improve life styles, raise productivity or sell merchandise. At Shreshta Interiors, a range of services are offered right from: Space Management SPACE…It means different things to different people. For an Interior Designer it means working with space. Just like a sculptor gives shape to clay. Carves and moulds it an Interior Designer defines space to give it meaning. We are best in this area of vital importance. Give space a new meaning, achieve harmony and lend it an aura. All this with the three basic principles of color, space and proportion. We combine the elements of visual (color, lighting and form), the tactile (surface, shapes and texture) and the auditory (noise) to form an ultimate design solution. Infrastructure Our vast knowledge of products and services means that you will be making carefully informed selections and avoid costly mistakes. We provide in selecting only the fine team of trade’s people who will treat your space with respect. Our professional team follows all the aspects of design plan and provides a carefully executed final and pleasant space suitable and conducive to your requirements. Vastu Vastu is the science founded upon the laws of nature. The basic elements of Fire, water, Earth, Space and air are to be maintained in equilibrium to enjoy them. Vastu is the bridge between the Man and Nature and Honeybee ensures that this bridge is sturdy enough to support the energy vibrations from the basic elements.

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Modular kitchens

What is a Modular Kitchen?

A modular kitchen is one that is made up of pre-made cabinet parts. These parts are fitted together to create a whole, functional kitchen design.

TV units & Stands

Modern Living Room Wall Units With Storage Inspiration

Display television and accessories in your living room with our stylish TV stands and entertainment units. Choose from a choice of wall mounted TV units, low TV cabinets, high TV stands and entertainment units.


Design Consultation at Home

Bedroom wardrobes are a must-have for every home. From clothes and accessories to home linen , files, and jewellery, wardrobes house our essentials. So, get a wardrobe that best suits your space and storage needs..